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Revamp Your Kitchen and Bath with Vladi Enterprises Ltd. in Calgary

In the bustling core of Calgary, Vladi Enterprises Ltd. stands as an epitome of mastery in kitchen and bathroom tile installations. Spearheaded by our founder and CEO, Vladimir Ceci, we’ve etched our reputation as the premier choice for every kitchen and bathroom transformation. For residents of Calgary, our name is synonymous with exceptional kitchen tiles and immaculate bathroom installations. Here’s why.


Experience Excellence with Calgary’s Premier Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Specialists

Dreaming of a kitchen with tiles that narrate tales of elegance? Or a bathroom that’s an oasis of luxury?

Vladi Enterprises Ltd. is your partner in achieving this dream. Under the adept hands of Vladimir Ceci, our team guarantees unmatched craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to details. From a kitchen tile backsplash that turns heads to a bathroom installation that exudes sophistication, our suite of services is crafted to mesmerize. Explore why homeowners across Calgary turn to us for their tile endeavors.

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Crafting Culinary and
Bath Escapes in Calgary


Bespoke Kitchen Tiles

The heart of every home, kitchens deserve nothing but the best. Our range of kitchen tiles ensures your cooking space isn’t just functional, but a testament to unmatched style and class.


Making a Splash with Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A backsplash isn’t just a protective barrier; it’s a canvas for your culinary aspirations. At Vladi Enterprises Ltd., our backsplash tiles in Calgary seamlessly blend utility with aesthetic splendor.


Bathroom Elegance - Tile by Tile

Bathrooms are personal sanctuaries, and their tiles should resonate this tranquility. From wall tiles to floor installations, our expertise ensures every tile amplifies the serenity and luxury of your bath space.

Backsplash Calgary Specialists

Calgary’s culinary and aesthetic aspirations find a partner in us. Our backsplash installation services are more than just a service – they’re a transformation. Whether it’s mosaic magic or contemporary chic, our backsplashes ensure your kitchen tells a unique story.


Expert Backsplash Installation Services

The perfect backsplash demands precision. Our team, adept at backsplash install procedures, guarantees an impeccable finish, ensuring durability meets beauty at every corner of your kitchen.

See Examples of Our Work:


"I recently had Vladi Enterprises Ltd. handle the tiling for my new coffee shop in Bridgeland. I was blown away by their attention to detail and professionalism. They transformed my commercial space, making it both functional and visually stunning. Couldn't have asked for better tile contractors. Thanks for making my business stand out!"
Lucas from Bridgeland
"I wanted a unique look for my kitchen backsplash that would be both trendy and timeless. Vladi Enterprises Ltd. absolutely nailed it! Every time I have guests over, they can't stop raving about how gorgeous it looks. So grateful to have this level of craftsmanship in Signal Hill. Truly the best tiling Calgary has to offer!"
Elena from Signal Hill
"When I moved into my new home in Inglewood, I knew the bathroom needed a fresh touch. I hired Vladi Enterprises Ltd. on a recommendation, and they did not disappoint. The tile work they did is simply sublime, giving my bathroom a spa-like feel. Kudos to Vladimir and his team for an exceptional job!"
Arjun from Inglewood


In the realm of kitchen and bathroom tiles in Calgary, Vladi Enterprises Ltd. is the gold standard. Under the tutelage of Vladimir Ceci, our seasoned professionals are committed to reviving and elevating your spaces. From that dream kitchen tile backsplash to the intricacies of bathroom tile installation, we approach every project with passion and precision. Entrust your vision to Vladi Enterprises Ltd. today, and together, let’s craft spaces that echo beauty, functionality, and elegance.

Frequently Asked Kitchen & Bathroom tile setting Questions by Calgarians​

We recommend porcelain tiles because they're durable and water-resistant.

We find porcelain tiles are the most popular, especially 1x2 feet for small rooms and 2x4 feet for main bathrooms.

Ceramic tiles can be slippery when wet, so they are not the best choice for bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles are a better option due to their non-slip properties.
Natural stone tiles can be used in wet areas, but their water resistance varies by type. Sealing the tiles can enhance their water resistance.
I use ceramic tiles for backsplashes because they're affordable and come in many styles.

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