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Commercial Tile Installation in Calgary by Vladi Enterprises Ltd.

Situated in the vibrant core of Calgary, Vladi Enterprises Ltd. emerges as an epitome of commercial tile installation expertise. Spearheaded by the unmatched vision of our founder and CEO, Vladimir Ceci, we’ve engraved our mark in Calgary’s commercial tiling landscape. When businesses in Calgary contemplate commercial tiling solutions, it’s no wonder they think of us first!


Boost Your Business Premises with Leading Commercial Tiling in Calgary

Planning to enhance your commercial premises with exquisite, long-lasting tiles? Your search ends with Vladi Enterprises Ltd., the undisputed leaders in commercial tile installation in Calgary.

Vladimir Ceci and his proficient team of tile setters are pledged to offer unmatched artistry and an eye for precision. Be it your office lobby, company cafeteria, or commercial restrooms; our gamut of tiling solutions is tailored to impress. Find out why we’re the first choice for businesses in need of premier tile setters in Calgary.

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Elevating Commercial Spaces with Tile Installation Calgary Admires

The aesthetics and functionality of commercial spaces are paramount. At Vladi Enterprises Ltd., we recognize the significance of immaculate craftsmanship and meticulous detailing. Boasting years of hands-on experience and an unwavering commitment to perfection, our commercial tile installers in Calgary are celebrated for results that resonate with excellence and longevity.


Giving Your Business a Facelift with Commercial Tiling Calgary Endorses

Vladi Enterprises Ltd. is rooted in the belief that every commercial space can be a statement of grandeur. Our tiling services range from chic reception areas and modern office spaces to stylish commercial bathrooms. With a flair for innovative designs and an unyielding commitment to excellence, we’re here to assist you in choosing tiles that not only reflect your business ethos but also add a touch of sophistication.


Experience Matched by None: Commercial Tile Contractors Calgary Trusts

In the realm of commercial tiling in Calgary, reliability is paramount. And that’s where Vladi Enterprises Ltd. shines the brightest. We are the trusted partners of countless businesses, all thanks to our adept tile contractors who bring to the table unparalleled industry knowledge. Be it geometrically intricate patterns or minimalist corporate designs, our prowess is a testament to our passion and expertise.


Customized Solutions for Distinctive Business Needs

We at Vladi Enterprises Ltd. are driven by the idea that every commercial space has its own character and essence. Our business tile installation services span a plethora of needs, from vibrant restaurant floors and minimalist office spaces to intricate showroom designs. With a discerning sense of design and unwavering commitment, we help businesses create spaces that mirror their brand and aesthetic vision.

See Examples of Our Work:


"I recently had Vladi Enterprises Ltd. handle the tiling for my new coffee shop in Bridgeland. I was blown away by their attention to detail and professionalism. They transformed my commercial space, making it both functional and visually stunning. Couldn't have asked for better tile contractors. Thanks for making my business stand out!"
Lucas from Bridgeland
"I wanted a unique look for my kitchen backsplash that would be both trendy and timeless. Vladi Enterprises Ltd. absolutely nailed it! Every time I have guests over, they can't stop raving about how gorgeous it looks. So grateful to have this level of craftsmanship in Signal Hill. Truly the best tiling Calgary has to offer!"
Elena from Signal Hill
"When I moved into my new home in Inglewood, I knew the bathroom needed a fresh touch. I hired Vladi Enterprises Ltd. on a recommendation, and they did not disappoint. The tile work they did is simply sublime, giving my bathroom a spa-like feel. Kudos to Vladimir and his team for an exceptional job!"
Arjun from Inglewood


In the arena of commercial tiling in Calgary, Vladi Enterprises Ltd. remains unparalleled. Under the leadership of Vladimir Ceci, our squad of seasoned tile setters is dedicated to metamorphosing your business premises into a dazzling embodiment of artistry and elegance.

From sophisticated corporate hubs to chic restaurants, our expertise is vast and varied. Enhance your business space with our top-tier commercial tiling services and relish the allure and resilience of professionally laid tiles.

Reach out to Vladi Enterprises Ltd. today – let’s transform your commercial tiling aspirations into reality!

Frequently Asked Commercial Tile Setting Questions by Businesses

Tiles help create a clean, professional look that boosts your brand's image.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular for their durability and variety.

Tiles are more durable, easier to clean, and don’t hold allergens like carpets do.

Tiles are durable, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the look of your space.

Yes, tiles can last around 20 years in high-traffic areas like malls.

Yes, tiles are fire-resistant and help with building code compliance.

Absolutely, there are endless combinations of colors and patterns to choose from.

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